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The of Australia includes the mainland of the country Australia and the island regions of , Tasmania, and Seram. During ice ages, when much of the worldโ€™s water was frozen in glaciers, the Australian mainland was connected by land bridges to these . Australia is the smallest of the 7 continents but is home to the sixth largest country which is known by the same name, Australia. The continent gets its name from the latin word โ€˜australisโ€™ which translates to mean southern. As a result of the continentโ€™s geography and size, it is often referred to as an โ€œislandโ€ continent. Australia is surrounded by two oceans. The Indian ocean is found on the western side and the pacific ocean is found on the eastern side.

Australia is the most isolated and remote continent of the 7 continents and has been least influenced by migrations of people, plants, and animals. This had led to Australia having a wide variety of animals and plants which are unique in the world such as the kangaroo, koala, dingo, wallaby, and wombat. Of the 5,700 hundred species of animals on the continent of Australia, more than 80% are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The continent is also home to the worldโ€™s largest reef and one of the greatest natural wonders, The Great Barrier Reef.

The continent first was inhabited by man nearly 45,000 years ago. European inhabitants came onto the Australian landmass in the 1700โ€™s. Australia is one of the least populated continents yet the country of Australia is 12th largest economy in the world.

Area 3.27 million miยฒ
Population: 31.26 million
Countries: 14
Largest Country Australia
Largest City Sydney, Australia
Smallest Country
Major Religions Christianity
Major Languages English
Flag Country Capital Population Total area
Flag of Australia Australia Canberra 23,414,552 7,741,220 km2
Flag of the Cook Islands Cook Islands Avarua 14,974 240 km2
Flag of East Timor Dili 1,066,409 14,874 km2
Flag of Fiji Suva 858,038 18,274 km2
Flag of Indonesia Jakarta 249,866,000 1,904,570 km2
Flag of Kiribati South Tarawa 106,461 726 km2
Flag of Marshall Islands Majuro 56,086 181 km2
Flag of Micronesia Palikir 101,351 702 km2
Flag of Nauru Nauru Yaren District 9,945 21 km2
Flag of New Zealand Wellington 4,518,330 270,534 km2
Flag of Niue Niue Alofi 1,611 260 km2
Flag of Palau Palau Ngerulmud 20,901 459 km2
Flag of Papua New Guinea New Guinea Port Moresby 7,398,500 462,840 km2
Flag of Samoa Apia 187,820 2,831 km2
Flag of Solomon Islands Islands Honiara 581,344 28,896 km2
Flag of Tonga Nuku’alofa 103,036 747 km2
Flag of Tuvalu Funafuti 11,323 26 km2
Flag of Vanuatu Port Vila 264,652 12,189 km2
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