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The western portion of the Eurasian landmass is known as Europe. It is noted as one of the smallest of the 7 continents after Australia, with 7 percent of the worldโ€™s landmass. However, Europe is home to about 11% of Earthโ€™s population and is the second most densely populated , with 134 people per square mile, behind Asiaโ€™s 203 people per square mile.

Europe is comprised of approximately 50 countries and several other territories. The county of is the largest country and the area that is occupied by City in is the smallest. However, has portions of its territory in both the continent of Europe and Asia with forty percent falling in the continent of Europe. Europe, by definition, includes the continental mainland ending in the east at the Ural Mountains in . Europe also includes islands such as , Sicily, and the British Isles. The British Isles consist of the large island that is home to , , and , and is called Great Britain; the British Isles also include the small island that contains Northern and the of , and several much smaller surrounding islands.

There are several bodies of water that surround the continent of Europe. To the south you will find the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea, to the west is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the north is the Arctic Ocean.

Europe has played host to many historic events over the course of history that have left a lasting effect and shaped the continent we know today. People have been living in Europe for about 100,000 years. Around 2000 B.C., Indo-European settlers came and brought the language that most modern European languages are descended from. The ancient Greek and Roman civilizations flourished there, from which we get much of our learning and culture. In the 5th and 6th centuries, the Germanic tribes swept over most of Europe, and their descendants shaped the modern countries of Scandinavia and west and . By this time the Roman empire had become Christian, and eventually all of Europe became Christian, for reasons of both faith and economics. The diversity and size of Europe led to the continent hosting much of World War I and World War II.

Area 3.930 million miยฒ
Population: 743 million
Countries: Around 47
Major Moscow, Paris, London, Istanbul, and Madrid
Largest Country by Area Russia
Largest Country by Population Russia
Largest City London, England
Smallest Country by Area
Smallest Country by Population Vatican City
Largest City by Population London, U.K.
Highest Peak Mt. Elbrus (5,642 meters), Caucasus Range, Russia
Lowest Point Caspian Sea (-28 meters), Russia
Major Religions Catholicism, Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodox
Major Languages German, French, English, Italian, Polish Spanish, Romanian, and Dutch
Flag Country Capital Population Total area
flag-of-Albania_freebestravel-com 2,821,977 28,749 km2
flag-of-Andorra_freebestravel-com 76,098 468 km2
flag-of-Austria_freebestravel-com Vienna 8,504,850 83,858 km2
flag-of-Belarus_freebestravel-com 9,468,100 207,600 km2
flag-of-Belgium_freebestravel-com Brussels 11,132,269 32,545 km2
flag-of-Bosnia-Hercegovina_freebestravel-com and Herzegovina Sarajevo 3,791,623 51,197 km2
flag-of-Bulgaria_freebestravel-com Bulgaria Sofia 7,282,042 110,912 km2
flag-of-Croatia_freebestravel-com Zagreb 4,290,613 56,538 km2
flag-of-Czech-Republic_freebestravel-com 10,513,800 78,866 km2
flag-of-Denmark_freebestravel-com Copenhagen 5,627,235 43,094 km2
flag-of-Estonia_freebestravel-com Tallinn 1,311,870 45,100 km2
flag-of-Finland_freebestravel-com Helsinki 5,452,821 338,145 km2
flag-of-France_freebestravel-com Paris 65,844,000 551,500 km2
flag-of-Germany_freebestravel-com 80,619,000 357,022 km2
flag-of-Greece_freebestravel-com Athens 10,815,197 131,957 km2
flag-of-Hungary_freebestravel-com 9,906,000 93,031 km2
flag-of-Iceland_freebestravel-com Iceland Reykjavรญk 325,671 103,002 km2
flag-of-Ireland_freebestravel-com Ireland Dublin 4,593,100 70,273 km2
flag-of-Italy_freebestravel-com Italy Rome 59,943,933 301,319 km2
flag-of-Kazakhstan_freebestravel-com Astana 16.500.000 2.729.901 km2
flag-of-Kosovo_freebestravel-com Pristina 1,815,606 10,887 km2
flag-of-Latvia_freebestravel-com Riga 2,003,900 64,600 km2
flag-of-Liechtenstein_freebestravel-com Vaduz 37,132 160 km2
flag-of-Lithuania_freebestravel-com Vilnius 2,941,953 65,300 km2
flag-of-Luxembourg_freebestravel-com Luxembourg City 537,000 2,586 km2
flag-of-Macedonia_freebestravel-com Skopje 2,062,294 25,713 km2
flag-of-Malta_freebestravel-com Valletta 416,055 316 km2
flag-of-Moldova_freebestravel-com Chisinau 3,559,500 33,851 km2
flag-of-Monaco_freebestravel-com Monaco 36,136 2 km2
flag-of-Montenegro_freebestravel-com Podgorica 620,029 13,812 km2
flag-of-Netherlands_freebestravel-com The Amsterdam 16,842,200 41,528 km2
flag-of-Norway_freebestravel-com Oslo 5,109,056 385,155 km2
flag-of-Poland_freebestravel-com Warsaw 38,502,396 312,685 km2
flag-of-Portugal_freebestravel-com Lisbon 10,487,289 91,982 km2
flag-of-Romania_freebestravel-com Bucharest 20,121,641 238,391 km2
flag-of-Russia_freebestravel-com Russia Moscow 143,700,000 17,098,200 km2
flag-of-San-Marino_freebestravel-com San Marino 33,540 61 km2
flag-of-Serbia_freebestravel-com Belgrade 7,181,505 77,474 km2
flag-of-Slovakia_freebestravel-com Bratislava 5,415,949 49,033 km2
flag-of-Slovenia_freebestravel-com Ljubljana 2,061,963 20,256 km2
flag-of-Spain_freebestravel-com Madrid 46,609,700 505,992 km2
flag-of-Sweden_freebestravel-com Stockholm 9,651,531 449,964 km2
flag-of-Switzerland_freebestravel-com Bern 8,112,200 41,284 km2
flag-of-Turkey_freebestravel-com Ankara 76,667,865 783,562 km2
flag-of-Ukraine_freebestravel-com Kiev (Kyiv) 45,426,200 603,700 km2
flag-of-United-Kingdom_freebestravel-com The London 63,705,000 242,900 km2
flag-of-Vatican-City_freebestravel-com The Vatican City Vatican City 839 0.44 km2
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